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Why I wrote this software

Are you struggling to figure out ebay fees ?In fact you're probably not even sure exactly how much profit you make on each item - right? So how do you know if it’s actually worth your time to sell the item at all. How much will the postage be and what about sending internationally? Do you need insurance? How much is it?

I can totally relate to all these problems…

Before writing this software I wasted countless hours working out postage costs, and trying to figure out whether wholesale products I intended to buy would actually make me a worthwhile profit on ebay after all the ebay/paypal fees were deducted.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, ebay would change their fee structure yet again.

Being an experienced Ebay Powerseller for many years I have written this software to meet some of the extensive needs of Ebay powersellers.

However all additional features can be individually switched off so that so that even new ebay sellers should find this software easy to use and should quickly be able use this software effectively following the step by step Quick start guide.

Buy with confidence knowing that as an experienced programmer I have but a lot of thought and work into this software and I will continue to support and maintain it.

I have continue to use this software in my own ebay business for the last 5 years. It saves me countless hours every month and enables me to gain an instant snapshot of which wholesale products are likely to be profitable before I decide to buy them. This is a valuable resource that every serious ebay seller should not be without.


Auction listing section and links to online help
Auction and  pictures upgrades
Listing upgrades (as checkboxes)
Excess postage feature and automated postage rate
International and dropship postage
Results – paypal/ebay fees and actual profits

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Some Customer Feedback

Very helpful software - thanks

by Xstone Computers LTD

This is a great Selling Tool and is invaluable for anyone who sells on Ebay whether commercially or as a small private sellers like myself. To be able to calculate the exact profit so easily is a great advantage when deciding on listing price - Thanks

by Emma Holliday (private ebay seller)

This is great for any serious ebay seller !

by Nakedflame09 - ebay seller

Excellent, useful product - delivered quickly via download

by xbodycare (ebay business seller)


Why buy this software?

Download the free 30 day full evaluation version to see exactly how it works. After a few days you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Feel free to ask me any questions (my contact information is in the software)

Demo Download

Download Demo

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System requirements

Operating System – Windows 98 onwards
Microsoft Excel 2000 upwards

(also works on Microsoft Vista and Windows 7)

What's included?

Demo Download

Download Demo

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What's included in Ebay Calc

Includes Includes the very latest ebay changes and
Royal Mail Postage rates

Includes Calculates listing fees, auction upgrades, pictures costs, listing upgrades for fixed price or auction listings in all listing categories except ebay motors.

Includes Allows for the different fee structures and upgrades for Basic, Media, Technology, Mobile contracts and Property

Includes Gives the ability to switch between auction and fixed price listing details without losing the current listing settings

Includes Allows additional features/sections to be individually hidden while still showing a fee summary for that section

Includes Incorporates an Intelligent postage calculator which automatically shows postage fees for most UK and international services based on the weight entered. It also automatically adds insurance costs if required.

Includes Gives access to the latest up-to-date help information via website links. Online tech support by the seller

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Powerseller Features

Includes Takes into account the type of ebay account, ebay shop, paypal account, and Powerseller discount where appropriate.

Includes Comparision of fees based on Powerseller discount and fees with no discount.

Includes Comparison of typical website profit compared to ebay profit.

Includes Has a feature to inflate postage fees based on your postage overheads entered as a percentage, fixed cost or both.

Includes Allows for Dropshipper postage prices (first class and international) .

Includes VAT reduction features for VAT sellers


Includes Gives recommended links to Powerseller resources/tools/services that myself and other powersellers have found valuable over the years. Eg wholesalers, dropshippers, web services, ebay tools.


IncludesI am now offering the following bonus software free with this software:

Ebay feedback analyser
Amazon fees calculator


Price: £8

Buy before the end of December and get 50% off

Now only £4



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